We got a lot of e-mails and we try to answer them all as soon as possible.

Please check if your question has already been answered here, before you contact us. 

"I bought an e-pattern, but haven't received it. What happened?"

If payment was completed, you should have received an e-mail with a link to download the pattern. If you haven't seen that email, one of the following things may have happened.

The message may have gone in your spam folder. Start to look for it there.

You may have mistyped your email address during checkout.

If you share an e-mail account with someone else, that person may have deleted the message. See if you can find it in the folder with deleted messages.

I'm having trouble opening and printing my e-pattern. What should I do?"

Please make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader, and that your computer isn't trying to open the file using other software.

You can purchase one of our free patterns, and test the whole process.

"Nothing is happening, when I am clicking on the link."

Please make sure you have the most current version af Adobe reader.

You can purchase one of our free patterns, and test the whole process.

"I can't find my e-pattern."

You may be able to find the file by looking in your Download folder, or searching for the name or number of the pattern.

"I want to order e-patterns for a group of friends. What must I do to order multiple e-patterns?

You order the number of patterns you need. You get 1 link for the e-pattern by e-mail. You download the pattern and print the number of patterns, you have ordered for your friends.

"What are e-patterns?"

E-patterns are sewing patterns that you download to your computer and print out yourself, rather than waiting for the patterns to be shipped to you.

You receive the patterns over the internet as a PDF file directly from Pelunika-e-patterns website.

Se how you download and print your pattern. 

"What is your Copyright Policy?"

The patterns from Pelunika are intended for use, by the individual person purchasing the pattern, and cannot be used for mass-production in any form.

It is not allowed to mass-produce the models or to reproduce the patterns.

"The only way that I (designer Kati Møller Nielsen) earn money is through the sale of my patterns.

If you copy and distribute the patterns for free, I am not able to earn money for my work which prevents me from designing and publishing new patterns for you to enjoy.

I appreciate your support and hope that you will help me stop piracy." 

"I don`t understand something in a pattern I have bought, can you help me?"

  • You can check out our BLOG.

Here you will find lots of help for unusual techniques, which are used in our patterns. 

There are a lot of friendly sewers, that would love to share their knowledge and experience. 

It is a nice way to help other people, who may have the same question. 


If you do not find an answer, you can contact us with your question.