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When you purchase patterns and sewing materials from Pelunika-e-patterns you are accepting the terms of use.

The site sells printed patterns and materials to customers with residence in countries in the European Union and sells e-patterns for download worldwide.

Pelunika-e-patterns is selling e-patterns for immediate download.

The e-patterns are available in Danish and English. When you are purchasing e-patterns, you will receive your order immediately after your payment is registered. All e-patterns will be sent as link to the PDF, which you can download. It requires a color printer for printing your pattern. You can print on A4 and 8½ inch x 11 inch paper. For english paper pieces we recommend 160 gr paper (slightly thicher than copy paper but slightly ligther than cardstock). The link can be used three times within 8 days and is only for the buyers personal use.

The purchase and download of the e-patterns is non-refundable. All sales of downloadable patterns are final.

If you do not know, how to print a pattern, you can purchase one of our free e-patterns, and test the whole process.

If you regret your purchasing of printed patterns and materials.

We offer a 14 days full refund of printed patterns and materials purchased on the site unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order. The 14 days period starts on the day the order is delivered. Any return costs you incur yourself. The request for cancellation must be notified to us no later than 14 days after the delivery, and the printed patterns and materials must be with us no later than 14 days after we are informed of your use of the right of cancellation.

If you wish to make use of your rights of cancellation the purchase, you must send us an e-mail. In your message, clearly make us aware, that you want to use your right of cancellation.

You are responsible for the conditon of the products and for the decreased value of the goods, caused by handling it otherwise, than what is necessary to determine the patterns and materials. This means, that you have to treat the items in the same way as if you were shopping in a physical store. If the items conditon is worse that what is descibed above, or patterns are opened, it is considered used and the value of the items are decreased. This means, that when the purchase is cancelled, you will receive a smaller portion or none of the purchase amount. It is up to Pelunika v/Kati Møller Nielsen to evaluate the items condition.

When returning, please contact us at mail@pelunika.dk


Pelunika e-patterns.com and the sites contents and functions are owned by Pelunika and are protected under copyright. That means, all patterns are for personal use and may not be copied, published, sold, distributed or shared. We allow you to sell a limited number of sewn models as long as you make it clear the models are sewn from a Pelunika pattern. If we discover abuse, you will immediately be excluded from purchasing more patterns and legal options will be taken.

If you are a teacher and want to teach in one of our patterns, your students have to buy a pattern of their own.

The use of the website is on your own discretion and risk.

When you download patterns you have the responsibility for use of your computer. Pelunika e-patterns cannot be held responsible for incorrect use. Pelunika e-patterns accept no responsibility for consultancy.

All patterns are carefully drafted, but Pelunika e-patterns cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions. Likewise Pelunika e-patterns cannot give guarantees for the result, since Pelunika e-patterns has no control over the choice of materials or procedures. Pelunika e-patterns can only emphasize the importance of following the patterns carefully, both in choice of materials and procedures.

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Your purchases will be settled in the currency, you have chosen.

You have the responsibility for payment of taxes, if you purchase from a country outside of the European Union.

Pelunika e-patterns do not have the responsibility for direct or indirect loss on delay of delivering, currency restrictions or other external circumstances.

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Pelunika e-patterns reserve the right to change and update the terms of use. (Last updated November 2021).


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