About Us

My name is Kati Møller Nielsen and I founded the company Pelunika in 2001, in my cellar in Denmark as a tailor shop.

I have always been fascinated of making fun stuff, and in 2008 I launched my first online shop Pelunika.dk. On this site I sold unique sewing patterns and sewing supplies for Scandinavian customers. Maintaining the online shop, and making new patterns began to take up all my time, so i had to shut down my tailor shop.

My patterns became popular, and over a couple of years I noticed a growing interest for my patterns outside of Denmark. So, in 2019 I launched the site Pelunika-e-patterns.com, where some of the popular patterns can be purchased in English as PDFs, so the customers can download and access the patterns immediately.

In 2021 the site Pelunika.dk closed down. Printed patterns and sewing materials are sold from Pelunika-e-patterns.com for customers in the European Union.

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