About Us

My name is Kati Møller Nielsen and I founded the company Pelunika in 2001, in my cellar in Denmark as a tailor shop.

I have always been fascinated of making fun stuff, and in 2008 I launched my first online shop Pelunika.dk. On this site I sell unique sewing patterns and sewing supplies for Scandinavian customers. Maintaining the online shop, and making new patterns began to take up all my time, so i had to shut down my tailor shop.

My patterns became popular, and over the last couple of years I noticed a growing interest for my patterns outside of Denmark. So, in 2018 I made the decision to make a new online shop, where my patterns would be in English and be sold as PDFs, so the customers could download and access the patterns immediately.

This is that side, I hope you enjoy your stay.

kati moeller nielsen pelunka